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This is a small script tailored to be used in CI environments and piplines to completely take care of generating typescript grpc stubs from protobuf files.

$ pip install grpc_web_proto_compile

To compile a directory with your proto files, simply run:

$ grpc_web_proto_compile path/to/your/proto/sources ./out
$ grpc_web_proto_compile --help # For a list of available options

If you cloned the repository, the command looks like:

$ git clone
$ cd grpc-web-proto-compile/
$ python -m grpc_web_proto_compile.cli ./tests/sample/ ./out

See the official documentation for more information.


For detailed instructions see CONTRIBUTING.


You can run tests with

$ invoke test
$ invoke test --min-coverage=90     # Fail when code coverage is below 90%
$ invoke type-check                 # Run mypy type checks

Linting and formatting

Lint and format the code with

$ invoke format
$ invoke lint

All of this happens when you run invoke pre-commit.


This project is still in the alpha stage and should not be considered production ready.